About Global Security Finance

Global Security Finance is the leading independent provider of business and financial news, data and research on the cyber, physical, and identity security and defence sectors. Its services comprise of online subscriptions to news and data, customized research and by-invitation only forums for senior executives. Their clients include governments, multinational and privately owned companies, investment banks, venture capitalists, private equity funds, hedge funds and law firms in over 55 countries.

  • Business news
  • Financial data
  • Directory of companies, investors and advisors
  • Analytics
  • Research

Global Security Finance is also the conference organiser for HSFF and CSFF:

HSFF 2014 is the leading homeland security executive forum held every March in Washington, DC. www.homelandsecurityfinanceforum.com

CSFF 2014 is the leading cyber security executive forum held every October in Washington, DC. www.cybersecurityfinanceforum.com

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